Saturday, January 5, 2008

Miley Quotes

Here are some things Miley has said:
"It's kind of crazy, but I've always performed for my friends. I was always singing, like when we would go on trips with my cheerleading team, we'd sing and do karaoke. I've never been one to just sit down, be calm and watch movie."
"My brothers decided to make sure that all of the kids in school know that Miley Cyrus is his sister. They all stop by and hi!"
"I'll be out with my friends and be recognized, and little girls will ask me for my auotgraph. It is so much fun living out your dream. It totally reflects me 100%."
"Some people recognize me. I really like it. I think Hannah gets nervous just like any other person would. "She's like a dork, personally. "She's really, really fun".