Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hannah Montana's Friends and Acquaintances

Lola (Emily Osment) is Hannah's best friend, and Lilly in disguise.
Mike Standley III
(Mitchel Musso
) Hannah's other best friend. Oliver in disguise.
Robbie Ray (Billy Ray Cyrus
) is Hannah's manager/songwriter/father, and Robby in disguise. He is sometimes addressed as Mr. Montana.
Fermaine (
Matt Winston
) is Hannah's costume designer.
Andy is Hannah's limo driver, who takes her to and from her performances and public appearances.
Maddie Fitzpatrick (Ashley Tisdale) from The Suite Life of Zack & Cody became Hannah's friend when Hannah stayed at the Tipton Hotel.
She is a fan of Hannah Montana and Robbie Ray, and met them at the same time in Hannah's suite.
Roxy is Hannah Montana's bodyguard. They first met in a wig shop where Roxy was a security guard when Miley was choosing her "Hannah" wig. (Revealed in Take This Job and Love It!
Traci Van Horn (
Romi Dames) is a friend of Hannah Montana's, who is always involved in the biggest parties, and has a deviated septum (which in the episode Torn Between Two Hannahs, Miley's cousin Luanne made fun of), and "she owns it!". She has a cat named Madonna. She has sinus problems, and she once shot a "snot rocket" so long it hit both of the Olsen twins, as revealed in It's My Party And I'll Lie If I Want To
. She also hates Lola, and pretends she doesn't exist. She also thinks Miley's father is "so funny".
Evan (Kunal Sharma) is one of Traci and Hannah's friends. He was also Traci's boyfriend. He only appeared in the episode
It's My Party And I'll Lie If I Want To
when he was backstage at Hannah's concert, and thought Lola was weird.
Paulie the Paparazzi (Cutter Garcia) is a pesky photographer who is constantly trying to capture Hannah in awkward situations, so he can sell them to the tabloids. He caused a problem for Hannah by taking a picture of her at a party when she lied to Lilly about not going, then caught her (as Hannah) and Jackson together, and sold that photo as "Hannah's New Man-nah". He appears in the episodes
It's My Party And I'll Lie If I Want To, My Boyfriend's Jackson & There's Gonna Be Trouble, and Don't Stop 'Till You Get The Phone
Brian Winters (
R. Brandon Johnson). Brian Winters is the host of Singing with the Stars, and he also films "red carpet" coverage. His jokes are opinionated as "unfunny", though he always acts the same. He is supposed to be a parody of Ryan Seacrest, who hosts American Idol
and "red carpet" events as well.
Liza the Photographer (
Lisa Arch) is a snooty photographer who appears in the episodes You're So Vain, You Probably Think This Zit Is About You and Smells Like Teen Sellout. She creates the campaign of the Magic Glo acne cream, and shoots the commercial of "Eau Wow!" perfume. She envies Hannah Montana, and has a crush on Robbie Ray
President Richard Martinez (John D'Aquino) is the President of the United States - from Cory in the House - whom Hannah met in the episode Take This Job and Love It!

Sophie Martinez (Madison Pettis) is a huge fan of Hannah Montana. She is the President's daughter from Cory in the House whom Hannah met in the episode Take This Job and Love It!

Mikayla (
Selena Gomez) is a pop star, and Hannah Montana's biggest rival. Unlike Hannah (who had dozens of hits), her only top-ten hit was "If Cupid Had A Heart", as said at the beginning of the episode I Want You to Want Me...To Go to Florida. She pretends to be Hannah's friend in the public eye, and is shown to have less experience than Hannah in the musical world. As mentioned in the episode I Want You to Want Me ... To Go to Florida, Mikayla strives to steal all of Hannah's "fan-nahs" at the charity concert in Florida, a task at which she obviously failed. Another episode that she appears in is That's What Friends Are For?
, in which she is in a upcoming movie with Jake. When she meets Jake's ex-girlfriend (Miley), she likes her. So she likes Miley, but hates Hannah.
Colin Lasseter (Michael Kagan) is a
talk show host
of "The Real Deal". He has a scraggly voice, and as he calls it, "the bladder of a kitten".
Jesse McCartney
is Hannah's boyfriend after she wishes on the star.
Guillermo Montoya (Michael Steger) played with Hannah in "The Celebrity Pro-Am Tennis Tournament". He apparently never loses, nor plans on ever losing.
Kelly Clarkson was going to be his partner before she sprained her thumb...speed texting
The Jonas Brothers appear in the episode Me and Mr. Jonas and Mr. Jonas and Mr. Jonas
when Robbie Ray writes a song for Hannah and the Jonas Brothers to sing together. Robbie Ray calls them the "JoBros".
Larry is Hannah's tour bus driver in the episode
The Way We Almost Weren"t