Friday, January 11, 2008

Miley dishes on guys, gal pals and chow mein

Some people interviewed Miley Cyrus, who stars in Disney Channel's Hannah Montana. The questions are the following:

Q .We read your real name is Destiny Hope. Does your family still call you that?
A . My grandmother refuses to call me Miley, but everyone else calls me Miley.
Q . Are any of your friends jealous of your success?
A . I recently asked some of my friends, "Does being recognized (in public) make you want to act or not want to?" They said, "not want to," because when they're with me, they realize it's a lot harder being under the glare than they thought.
Q . Who would you like to guest-star as your boyfriend on "Hannah Montana"?
A . Chad Michael Murray. I watched "Cinderella Story" and realized how cute he was. He's probably too old, but I can just dream about it.
Q . You get along with Lilly (Emily Osment) and Oliver (Mitchel Musso) on the show. Who do you hang out with the most?
A . Emily lives closer. My mom's not wanting to drive me 45 minutes to see Mitchel. She says, "You can see him when you're on the set." Emily lives about 5 minutes away, so I can walk there, and I see her more. We like to go shopping on the weekends.
Q . We like the new "Hannah Montana" line of clothes, jewelry, etc. What's your favorite?
A . There's a (throw) blanket (called Billboard, printed with "Part Time Pop Star," at Kmart for $19.99. It's so soft. That's one of my favorites, that I kind of helped design.
Q . Your first guitar was a Daisy Rock. Do you still own it?
A . I do. I have a butterfly one, and one that's an acoustic electric (with) pink sparkles. I've used one in some episodes (of "Hannah Montana"), the pink sparkled guitar.
Q . When you perform live, do you see individuals or just look straight into the crowd?
A . I kind of zone out a little bit, but I do look at people individually a little bit to make sure that I'm actually paying attention to them if they're waving.
Q . Where do you like to shop?
A . My favorite store is Target. The boots I'm wearing I got there for $10. I also like Hollister's, their capris are so cool. I like putting together different things. I'll wear my brother's jeans -- they're really baggy -- and then I'll wear a cool T-shirt I bought for $2.
Q . We read you like Chinese food. What is your favorite dish?
A . I'm not a vegetable person - so I get chow mein. My dad will pick every little vegetable out for me so I just have the "spaghetti."