Sunday, January 6, 2008

Miley Gets a Call from Hilary Duff

Miley Cyrus drops by MOD to chat with VJ Leah Miller. While on MOD she talked about her fame with the show’s host. Hilary Duff surprised Miley Cyrus during a phone-interview session for MOD. Hilary Duff put in a random call to Miley, who was very surprised to learn that the caller was not, as originally said, “Hailey from Vancouver.” The caller was actully Hilary Duff in Vancouver. All they did was change her name up a little bit. Before VJ Leah Miller told Miley who it was she asked Miley if the voice sounded familer. Miley said no. So then VJ Leah Miller told Miley who it was. Miley was freaked! She was laughing and her mouth was wide open in shock. Everyone laughed. Hilary ended by saying bye to Miley. It’s so cool to see such a big star be star struck herself. This all happened on December 14, 2007. Sorry I got the news so late.