Saturday, January 5, 2008

Miley, Lilly, & Oliver's Acquaintances

Amber Addison (Shanica Knowles) & Ashley Dewitt (Anna Maria Perez de Tagle) are the enemies of Miley and her friends at Seaview Middle and High School. Amber is arrogant, and Ashley is basically a less intelligent version of Amber.
Becca Weller (Kirby Bliss Blanton) is one of
Hannah Montana
's obsessed fans. She develops a crush on Oliver, and later becomes his girlfriend.
Chad the Chomper (
Kyle Kaplan
) is Oliver's rival, and is often seen chomping gum because he knows how much Oliver hates it.
Mr. Francis Corelli (Greg Baker) is Miley and her friends' English and Drama teacher in middle school, and History instructor in high school. Fans see him as a blonde
Jack Black
Dandruff Danny (
Jack Taylor
) is an unpopular classmate with a terrible dandruff flake problem. He is typically seen flicking dandruff from himself toward others.
Donnie (
Creagen Dow
) is Oliver's rival, who often passes gas just to annoy Oliver.
Lucas (Sterling Knight) is Lilly's boyfriend in the episode "My Best Friend's Boyfriend". He cheats on her, and eventually gets what he deserves.
Derek Hansen (
Austin Butler) is Lucas's cousin, and was "the worst date of Miley's life", as he showed great fear while watching a horror movie
with her, Lilly, and Lucas.
Matt (Bubba Lewis) appears in the second series episode "You Are So Sue-able To Me". He asks Lilly to the dance, but then stands her up because of her makeover, as he liked her better when she was a "skater chick". In the end, Lilly forgives him.
"Saint" Sarah (
Morgan York) is a good-willed friend of Miley and her friends, who briefly dated Oliver until the two realized they had nothing in common. She is an environmentalist. She mistook a hint from Jackson about her secret crush, and briefly was his girlfriend in the Episode "Song Sung Bad
Todd (Patrick Ryan Anderson) is one of Lilly's "skater" friends, and he was the first to taste Cheese Jerky.
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (
Himself) appears in the episode Don't Stop Til You Get the Phone, in which Miley tries to get a new cellphone by selling an embarrassing picture of Hannah Montana
to a magazine, before realizing it could give away her secret. She then tries to trade it for "an even more embarrassing picture" of "The Rock".
Henrietta "The Cracker" Leverne (Jaelin Palmer) is the school bully, who is named for her (as Lilly once described) "freakishly strong hands". She appears once in an episode, in which she bullies Miley. As in her previous school, she was expelled for her violent behavior. It was also mentioned that it took a crew of wild animal catchers to remove her from her old school. She is also featured in a couple of episodes of
Disney channel's "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody".