Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Contest Winner - Alert!

"I Met Miley"
Alexandria Pagano's wildest dream came true when she met and interviewed Miley Cyrus as part of a Club Libby Lu contest. Alexandria, who's from New York, flew to Los Angeles with three friends to meet Miley cyrus at the Club Libby Lu store in Glendale, California. Here're what they talked about:

Alexandria: Hey Miley! So what are the top qualities you look for in a friend?

Miley: Trust and a great personality. I think what makes a true friend is being there and listening through everything. My mom and sister are my best friends and are always there for me.

Alenandria: Do you have any rituals before your concerts?

Miley: When I perform in concerts, I get really nervous. To calm down, I remind myself that this is my dream and it's what I really wnat to do.

Alexandria: What's your most embarrassing moment?

Miley: I'm always doing something to embarrass myself, like tripping. But when I was trying out for my school's dance team, I fell and ripped my jean skirt, I was mortified, but I laughed it off. My dad like to embarrass me, too!

Alexandria: What's your favorite thing to do with your friends?

Miley: I really love to shop!

Alexandria: Who's you celebrity crush?

Miley: Do I have to tell? Okay, Orlando Bloom!

Alexandria:What's the best advice you can give a young person?

Miley: If you believe in yourself, anything is possible. And always be true to yourself.

Alexandria: What's the best advice your dad has given you?

Miley: He always says, "If you ain't having fun, it ain't worst it. "It's all about having a good time.

Alexandria: What's the hardest thing you've had to face in spotlight?

Miley: Having a camera on you all the time gets kind of frustrating, because if you make a mistake the whole world knows about it. It's not just your family or friends. Sometimes I'll watch something back and think, "What am I doing? I'm like the biggest geek!" Sometimes my friends will call me and say, "Did you see that commerical? You ere such a nerd!" And I'm like, "Thanks guys, I love you, too!"