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All about Jake Ryan

Jake Ryan
Leslie "Jake" Ryan is a fictional character from the Disney Channel Original Series Hannah Montana. He is played by Cody Linley. He is a foil of Miley Stewart, later becoming her boyfriend, and later yet becoming her ex-boyfriend and good friend.

Character Description

Jake is a famous actor who attends Seaview Middle School. His real name, which only Miley knows, is Leslie. He is voted "hottie" of the year. His signature line is: "Dude, I slayed you once! Don't make me slay you again." Miley is at first resentful of him because of the perks he is given for being a celebrity, but then the two discover that they are both in love with each other. Jake eventually admits that he gets sick of all the attention, and sometimes wants to "turn the whole movie star thing off" and be a regular kid, (he said this in a conversation with Hannah Montana). When he eventually does, Miley realizes her feelings for him. Lilly has always been obsessed with him, as with most of the other girls in school. He has a girlfriend later on in the episode Good Golly, Miss Dolly, named Rachel who makes Miley really jealous. He is in all 4 episodes on the Pop Star Profile DVD.
In the episode
People Who Use People, Jake tries to make Miley jealous and hangs out with an actress named Holly. Vice versa, Miley pretends to date Willis, who is "graduating." Unfortunately, she and Jake both realize that he's only 11 (and 3/4) and Jake accuses Miley of only going out with Willis to make him jealous. Miley then accuses Jake of going out with Holly to make her jealous. Jake tells Miley that Holly is just his co-star - they are dating for publicity. Jake and Miley kiss and become a couple, but then he has to go to Romania for 4 months to film a movie, substituting for Frankie Muniz. (In Achy Jakey Heart, Part 1, the show says he was actually gone for 6 months.) Miley is upset but gets over it quickly, and shoves him off the railing as a joke.
During season 2, Jake returns from
Romania hoping that Miley will be waiting for him. To his dismay, she is still very angry with him for kissing then leaving her. He tries to make it up to her by doing everything a girl could want and says that he never stopped thinking about her while wearing a suit of armor. Miley caves and says that she also has not stopped thinking about him, too. She says that they could start with that night, but Jake says that he has to go to the premiere of his movie with his co-star, Marissa Hughes, on a fake date for the press. Miley is angry and says that he is the same jerk that he was 6 months ago - but now he's a jerk with a headache - and she starts to hit him with a salami. Later, Miley watches the premiere on TV with Robbie Ray and Lilly, and Jake admits on TV that he is in love with a girl named Miley Stewart. Miley meets Jake outside the premiere, where they make up and kiss. They go on many dates and he names a star after Miley. He reveals to Miley that his real name is Leslie. Miley feels guilty and tells Jake that she is Hannah Montana.
When Jake and Miley's relationship ends, Jake threatens to tell everyone her secret (because Miley said she didn't want to dump him because she thought he might) , but ends up sending her a flower and a note promising that her secret will always be safe with him.
Jake returns later in season 2, telling Miley he just wants to be friends. He's going to be in a new alien movie with Miley's enemy Mikayla, played by
Selena Gomez. Miley ends up becoming incredibly jealous and trying to get Mikayla fired off the set. At the end of the episode, they both decide that although they have feelings for each other, Miley has some growing up to do and they need to remain just friends.


Miley Stewart (Miley Cyrus) The protagonist of the show. She first thinks that he is arrogant and vain, but in the end, she realizes how much he likes her, and she begins to have a crush on him. Finally, they end up sharing a kiss, and become a couple, but Jake has to leave to shoot a movie in Romania that night, but will be back in 6 months. When he's back (Achy Jakey Heart), Miley refuses to take him back because he kissed her and left for so long. She says that she will never love anyone who hurt her. Finally, he confesses his love for her on live TV and they begin to date. He learns that Miley is Hannah Montana and their relationship seems perfect. Miley becomes annoyed and tells Jake that before he came back, all he wanted was to be a normal kid. Jake then sends a letter for Miley saying that he does want to be a normal kid and he will try to be worthy of someone as terrific as Miley. He also says that her secret is safe with him. When he returns, he tells Miley he wants to just be friends. She's fine with it until she discovers that the love interest in his next film is Hannah's rival, Mikayla, and becomes incredibly jealous. They both decide that although they have feelings for each other, Miley has some growing up to do and they need to remain just friends...for the time being. However, Jake has not appeared in any other episodes as Miley's friend or at all since that episode.
Rachel (
Summer Bishil) Jake's first girlfriend at Seaview Middle School, who was only seen in one episode.
Holly (
Josie Lopez) Jake's co-star, who he pretends to be dating so he can make Miley jealous in the episode People Who Use People.

Amber (Shanica Knowles), Ashley (Anna Maria Perez de Tagle), Sally, Wendy, & Yolanda Many of the girls who follow Jake Ryan around.
Lilly Truscott (Emily Osment) In the episode, More Than a Zombie to Me , Miley turns Jake down so he asks Lilly to the school dance. Lilly eventually yields Jake to Miley, but remains fascinated with his celebrity good looks. However, once Jake tries to be a normal kid, she gets just as annoyed with him as anyone else, (except maybe Miley).
Mikayla (
Selena Gomez) In the episode That's What Friends Are For? when Jake tells Miley he wants to keep their relationship platonic, Miley convinces herself that she is fine with it and won't be jealous. However, when she discovers that Hannah's biggest competitor, Mikayla, is going to be Jake's new co-star and love interest on his next film ("It's just kiss ... kiss ... kiss"), Miley devises a plan to get Mikayla fired. The plan backfires, but Mikayla decides she wants to become friends with Miley ... no matter what Miley wants.

Oliver Oken (Mitchel Musso) Oliver depended on Jake to turn girls down, so the girls would have to cry on his shoulder. He also introduces Jake at a '70s Dance by saying "I welcome my close personal best friend Jake Ryan... who says I'm the second coolest guy at school!" Although this is true, there is the fact that the two are not really friends as they never hang out. Jake only knows Oliver through school and Miley while Oliver is a fan of Jake's and finds him to be really cool.
Lilly Truscott (Emily Osment) Jake hangs out with Lilly, Oliver, and Miley a lot during the time that he was dating Miley, but was also a school friend before. Jake takes Lilly to a school dance, the previously mentioned '70s dance, and Miley and Lilly have a fight over Jake. However, Lilly accepts Jake's "love" for Miley and wants the two to get together, sacrificing her feelings for Jake.
Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus) Although Miley did hate Jake in the beginning, after she admitted to herself that she liked him, they became friends, and later, a couple. Even after Miley and Jake broke up, they decided to still remain friends.