Saturday, January 5, 2008

Jackson's Friends and Acquaintances

Cooper (Andre Jamal Kinney) is Jackson's best friend during the first season. He likes to bake (which he does not admit because "boys don't do that"), and whenever someone is stupid he calls them "fool". Yet to appear in Season 2, the last mention of him was in Bad Moose Rising when Jackson said he was going to a Dodgers game with "Coop". It is possible that Thor replaced him during the second season. Cooper seems to be based on the "Zeke" character from High School Musical. His sister, Olivia, refers to him as Cooper "The Party Pooper".
Thor (Andrew Caldwell) is Jackson's best friend, who grew up on a farm in Minnesota, and moved to California at the beginning of the second season. He has a Midwestern accent. Even though Thor has embarrassed Jackson a number of times because of his dumb sayings and poor acting skills, Jackson still hangs out with him, because Thor suffers the same humiliation that Jackson suffered when he was the new kid. He has a pet parrot named Snowball. He most likely has replaced Cooper.
Nina (Alison Brie) is a hairdresser whom Jackson likes, and whom Rico used to play a prank on Jackson. She made only one appearance, in the episode It's My Party And I'll Lie If I Want To.
Becky (Tiffany Thornton) is a girl who was going to be tutored by Jackson in Spanish (she lacks brains), and liked Jackson but Thor's parrot repeated "Brainless Becky"; "Becky with the Bad Breath"; and "Buck-Toothed Becky", which obviously upset her, so she left as fast as she could. She made only one appearance, in the episode Get Down Study-udy-udy.
Olivia (Rae' Ven Larrymore Kelly) is Cooper's younger, rebellious sister who likes Jackson, but pretends she doesn't in front of Cooper. Cooper goes to any lengths to keep them separated because he is very protective of his sister. She made only one appearance, in the episode I Can't Make You Love Hannah If You Don't.
Stavros (Daniel Booko) becomes Jackson's friend after a tabloid photographer saw Jackson and Hannah at the same house. Jackson then milked the relationship for endorsements, and was invited to a celebrity party, where the two guys met. Clearly a pun on Paris Hilton/Mary-Kate Olsen/Lindsay Lohan's on-and-off boyfriend, Stavros Niarchos III. He made only one appearance, in the episode My Boyfriend's Jackson and There's Gonna Be Trouble.
Max (Teo Olivares) is one of Jackson's friends in the second season, who teased Thor when he first moved to California. So far, he has made two appearances, in the episodes Me and Rico Down by the School Yard and Sleepwalk This Way.
Natasha (Tiya Sircar) is a beautiful Indian girl, whom Rico used to get Jackson fired in Achy Jakey Heart, Part 1. She made only one appearance. She loves Jackson and Oliver's Cheese Jerky.
Julie is a girl whom Jackson was dating, but stopped when she found out Jackson was lying to her about being a professional motor-cross rider. She made an appearance walking out of the bathroom in the episode Take This Job and Love It!
Wayne (Aaron Hill) is one of Jackson's classmates who is really big, and his face is never seen. He always wears a shirt that says in really small print, "If you can read this, you are about to be hit." He tells Jackson that he will re-arrange his face if his party isn't cool in the episode Sleepwalk This Way.
Rico (Moises Arias) is Jackson's bratty and manipulative 10-year-old boss. He and Jackson share a frenemy relationship.