Thursday, January 24, 2008

Photos of Miley from Extreme Makeover

Miley on Extreme Makeover

On February 10th , there's going to be a special two-hour edition of Extreme Makever: Home Edition, and Miley's going to appear on it! The family that received the house makeover were sent on a vacation that included going to the San Diego concert and having a surprise meeting with Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers! I will add some promos from it, and don't forget to watch it on Sunday, February 10th @ 8/7c on ABC!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Miley Kissed Nick (Cheek)

It's true. Miley did kiss Nick - on the cheek. She did it in about two concerts. It was like the cheek kiss had been practiced so many times. You mostly didn't even notice. I didn't until I watched the videos about three times. It's ok with me. I know that Miley and Nick are just friends and Nick acted so calm when the kisses happened. It was like it happened all the time. I still believe that Nick and Miley are just friends, do you?

Body Double Proof!

In January 2008, a video surfaced on Youtube which showed Cyrus perfoming as Hannah Montana on her Best of Both Worlds Tour. The video shows Hannah being ushered off the stage via a trap door and being replaced by another girl who is dressed like her. The body-double holds the microphone and lip-syncs the rest of the song. On January 11, 2008, Cyrus' publicist claimed that the video was not fake and confirmed that the body double was actually being used throughout the tour. The public relation firm representing Cyrus stated: "....a body double appears approximately one to two minutes prior to the end of the song in order to allow Miley to remove the Hannah wig and costume and transform into Miley for her solo set. Other than during this very brief transitional moment in the show, Miley performs live during the entirety of both the Hannah and Miley segments of the concert."


When interviewed by Parade, Miley added that she attends church regularly with her family. In an interview to Christianity Today, Billy Ray said, "Being Christian, we believe in heaven" and "We also had a great church, and when you give up your church, your pastor, and the community you are involved in, you're making a big sacrifice. Let's face it, Hollywood is a completely different environment than Franklin, Tennessee.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Silly/Funny Pictures of Miley/Hannah


Surprise! There it is everyone! Right in the middle of the banner above. That is not Miley. It is the body double! You can tell becuase the face and eyes are different. If you read my eariler article: Busted.....Miley Cyrus, you would know what I am talking about. To transform from Hannah to Miley or Miley to Hannah Miley uses a body double to quickly change to and from. The picture above is proof. I don't think Miley/Hannah's doing anything wrong. I mean she can't just magically appear to be Hannah and Miley. That is totally impossible! I still believe in Miley and her great singing voice. I still am a true Hannah/Miley fan! I hope you are too.

More Hannah Montana Style Samples

Hannah Montana Style Samples

List of Hannah Montana Books

Keeping Secrets
Miley, Get Your Gum ; It's My Party And I'll Lie If I Want To
You're So Vain, You Probably Think This Zit Is About You ; Ooo, Ooo, Itchy Woman
Super Sneak
She's a Super Sneak
Truth or Dare
Oops! I Meddled Again ; It's a Mannequin's World
Hold on Tight
O Say, Can You Remember the Words? ; On the Road Again
Good Golly, Miss Dolly ; Mascot Love
Nightmare on Hannah Street
Torn Between Two Hannahs ; Grandma Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Favorites
Seeing Green
More Than a Zombie to Me ; People Who Use People
Face the Music
Smells Like Teen Sellout
; We Are Family: Now Get Me Some Water!
Don't Bet on It
Bad Moose Rising ; My Boyfriend's Jackson and There's Gonna Be Trouble
Sweet Revenge
The Idol Side of Me ; Schooly Bully

Miley Cyrus Emotional Tribute

Miley Cyrus is used to teary-eyed fans excited to see her, but the singer herself got weepy the day after Christmas when she and dad Billy Ray Cyrus visited NYC Fire Department Ladder Company 10, which lost four firefighters on 9/11, Us Weekly magazine is reporting."They were in tears once we told them what some of the guys went through," fireman Gary Kolsch tells Us Weekly in its latest issue, which is on newsstands now. Dad and daughter did manage to spread some holiday cheer: Billy Ray, 46, sang "Silent Night," and Miley, 15, signed autographs.The mood brightened even more the next day when Kolsch and his daughter went backstage at Miley's concert on Long Island – and the singer said hello. Kolsch tells Us Weekly, "My daughter is still talking about it!" What a nice gesture from Miley and her dad Billy Ray.

Friday, January 18, 2008

The Hannah Montana Rocker Collection

From High IntenCity comes the new Hannah Montana Rocker Collection that features all kinds of cool and trendy must-have jewelry and accessories.

From heart pendant necklaces and bracelets with crystal accents to winged hearts, guitar and guitar pick charms, butterfly, and star icons there's something for everyone in this too-cool collection that's available at stores like target and Wal-Mart nationwide. Go to and check them out at the end of the month they'll be putting the whole collection up for grabs for one lucky winner! E-mail to tell me if you were the winner! I would love to know!

Miley Collage

Miley's Movie Premiere

Miley, her dad and stars like Vanessa Hudgens, Heather Locklear, Ashley Tisadale and the Jonas Bros., were out in force at the January 17th Hollywood premiere of Miley's new 3D Best Of Both Worlds Concert movie.

Miley who was wearing a very beautiful (and very grown up) Alberta Ferretti dress, was also sporting some newly darkened locks.
What do you think of her new look? E-mail me your answer at my e-mail which is

Miley Cyrus's Baked Penne Recipe

We all have our favorite comfort foods, and Hannah Montana herself, Miley Cyrus, is no different. Here, she shares a recipe that she and her mom, Tish, love to make together.

Miley and Tish's Baked Penne


  • 1 box penne pasta
  • 1 pound lean ground beef or ground turkey
  • 1 jar of your favorite marinara sauce
  • 1 cup ricotta cheese 1/2 teaspoon garlic s
  • 1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
Prepare penne as directed on the box.
Brown meat in saute pan and drain.
In a separate bowl, combine 1/2 jar of marinara sauce, ricotta cheese, and garlic salt.
Stir in the meat and penne.
Add the remaining sauce and cover top with shredded mozzarella.
Bake uncovered until the top is browned, approximately 35 to 45 minutes.

Has fame changed Miley?

Sure, she's a ginormous star now, but two years ago when we sat down with Miley for the second time, she was a relative newcomer. Here's a snippet of our conversation with her. What do you think? Has she changed a lot since her show's become so successful or is she still the same old down-home girl?

TEEN: Do you have anything in common with Miley Stewart and Hannah Montana?
Miley: Yes, well, since we have the same name it's really easy to relate. But even Hannah Montana and me personally are a lot alike, because even with the show going on, it's really not something that I go around talking about because I want my friends to be my friends, and that’s all Hannah Montana wants, too. So I think my characters Miley Stewart and Hannah Montana and then me, Miley Cyrus, we’re all a lot alike.
TEEN: How have your friends reacted to your success?
Miley: It's kind of crazy, but I’ve always performed for my friends. I’ve never been one to just sit down and be calm and watch movies. I’ve always kind of been the one entertaining them all of the time. I was always singing. When we would go on trips with my cheerleading team, we would always sing and do karaoke. So I’ve always been performing. My true friends are really happy for me.
TEEN: Has your dad given you any advice on your career?
Miley: Mostly, even when I was auditioning, he just wants me to have fun with it. It's not something where I’m just following in his footsteps, it's something that I’m really passionate about. It's still an art to us. It's something we do that we enjoy, it's not really even business now. Being on a kids' show, it's all kids and you’re all really close, you’re like a family. It makes it a lot easier. It's fun and you get to do everything you love and have people by your side encouraging you. It's great working beside my dad; I can always be like, “Daddy, can you help me with this?” It makes it a lot easier on us personally, and on the show it makes it so much easier.
TEEN: What’s a typical day on the show like?
Miley: It's never typical — it's really crazy! With doing lines, and then off-camera and getting everything down and us just being crazy — it's all just really insane, but it's really fun, too.
TEEN: Were you nervous when you filmed the pilot?
Miley: It's really just fun for me, so I wasn’t really nervous. But since I’m the one who had less experience than anyone on this show, mostly I was used to doing theater, which is a lot like sitcoms because you move around a lot; it's physical comedy. I was a little nervous, like, “Well, what if I don’t get all my lines down?” But if there’s something you’re not comfortable with, they’re really good about just running through it in your spare time, or they’ll go ahead and change it and give you something that feels more personal, because all of our characters are really personal and like us.
TEEN: Do you have a career role model?
Miley: I love Hilary Duff, especially because she and I are a lot alike as I'm starting out. She was about the same age as me when she came to Disney. She hadn’t done as much; basically she was at the same stage as I was. It's good to see that you’ve got to start somewhere, and it's so great to start on Disney because everyone gets so close and it's all kids, which makes you feel more comfortable.

Miley and Emily's Friendship Facts

...the most outgoing?
Miley: Emily's got a lot of energy, but I’m definitely the most crazy.
Emily: Miley.
...most easily embarrassed?
Miley: We get embarrassed over different things, but I think it's me. She's pretty good at letting stuff go.
Emily: I think I am!
...better at sports?
Miley: Emily!
Emily: Me!
...more likely to ask out a guy?
Miley: Me!
Emily: Miley.
...the most girlie?
Miley: Me, for sure!
Emily: Miley.
...the funniest?
Miley: We're both funny in different ways.
Emily: I think we're both funny.
...the bookworm?
Miley: Emily
Emily: Me
...the healthier eater?
Miley: Emily for sure!
Emily: Me.

Miley Banners

Pictures from the Hannah Montana BOBW Concert Premiere

Friday, January 11, 2008

Miley and Selena are Good Friends in Reality

Despite the Makayla and Hannah fude on the show, in real life Miley and Makayla are great friends! They hang out whenever they can and say really nice things to each other and about each other. Even though in the show Hannah and Makayla are enimes in reality that is definitely not true!

A Picture of Miley and her Daisy Rock Guitar

Busted.....Miley Cyrus

An observant videographer has "busted" Miley Cyrus for using a body double on her sold-out concert tour.
A video posted on YouTube shows Miley as "Hannah" dancing onstage with backup dancers and the Jonas boys. While they're dancing around, Miley gets taken offstage through a trap door. And before you can blink, another girl dressed as "Hannah" continues dancing around, then runs up the stage before leaving.
Miley's PR peeps said in a statement today that the switch is only for costume-change purposes.
"To help speed the transition from Hannah to Miley, there is a production element during the performance of 'We Got the Party' incorporating a body double for Miley," read the statement.

"After Hannah has completed the featured verse on the duet with the Jonas Brothers, a body double appears approximately one to two minutes prior to the end of the song in order to allow Miley to remove the Hannah wig and costume and transform into Miley for her solo set. Other than during this very brief transitional moment in the show, Miley performs live during the entirety of both the Hannah and Miley segments of the concert."

Miley's Mansion

The photo above is of Miley's house in Los Angeles. Sure, Destiny Hope was born in Tennessee. But with the success of Hannah Montana, the Cyrus brood has moved to Los Angeles, and in August of 2007 they bought this Mediterranean mansion. So, what sort of digs does a 15-year-old who rakes in $3.5 million a year have? Here's the scoop on the house: The gated Mediterranean estate sits at the end of a tree-lined drive, offering uncompromised privacy and seclusion. The five-bedroom, six-bath home offers a custom-tiled gourmet kitchen with all Viking appliances and an elegant living room with custom hand-carved marble fireplace. Both the living room and family room are accented with hand-hewn beamed ceilings, a library, a screening room, and a gym. The formal dining room has an adjoining climate-controlled wine room, and the garden is complete with outdoor kitchen, fireplace, and pool. The price tag? A cool $6.2 million. And, since we know that Miley has agreed to live at home with Billy Ray and Tish till she's 20, it definitely has room for her to grow.

Is Miley a Clean Freak?

The answer is yes! The following is what Emily said about Miley: "Miley brushes her teeth all the time. Whenever I spend the night at her house she'll say, 'Emily, I'm going to brush my teeth now. Are you going to brush your teeth, too?' And I'll say, 'Yes, Miley, I'm going to brush my teeth.' And she'll say, 'No, now. You have to brush them now.' She's obsessed with it!" No wonder her smile is so white and bright!

Miley Talks to Teen About Emily Osment

Miley Cyrus talks to teen about one of her closest friends, Emily Osment!

Teen: What was it like when you first met Emily?
Miley: When we first met, automatically she and I were really, really close. When we’re together we’re never quiet because there’s so much to talk about and there are so many stories. Every day it's something new for us. When you’re with someone all the time, it's more than just she and I are friends, we’re sisters now. When we first met we had an instant friendship and now we’re more like sisters. We love each other like sisters. We fight like sisters. It’s always like that.
Teen: What was your first impression of her?
Miley: As soon as she walked out of the room I said, “Mom, she’s so tiny!” I’m not that tall. I’m like 5'4, so I’m not that tall, but she was itty-bitty.
Teen:We make ourselves do the dumbest things possible because, again, with sisters that’s kind of your goal. It was my first-boyfriend episode, where Hannah gets this really hot 10th grade boyfriend and he’s one of my friends, actually. He came on the show. But there was kind of a party going on in my dressing room – there were a ton of people in here. I was leaving my dressing room and she stuck her foot out thinking I was going to stumble but not actually go down. No, I do a Superman. I am in the air and fall flat on my face for 10 seconds. I’m thinking, Maybe no one saw this. I get up and she’s just cracking up laughing. She’ll never let me forget it. But I’m getting her back slowly but surely.
Teen: Have you played practical jokes on each other?
Miley: We try! We try to get some. Mostly our things are "yo momma" jokes. Our director actually got me a Yo Momma book. You fill it out and it’s like a parking ticket. You give it to someone and it says "Yo Momma" at the top. You know how you always think of yo momma jokes after you’ve fought with someone? So you fill in how long it's been since you fought and then you check Yo Momma this and that. I just gave Emily one that says, “Cancel my subscription, I’m tired of your issues.” So that’s the thing that we’re doing. We’ve all got these tickets we put in everyone’s dressing rooms, so when you get in there you get what the person is thinking right now.
Teen: What’s something people would be surprised to know about Emily?
Miley: It's kind of switched around on the show how we are. On the show Lily is kind of the crazy one and I’m more keeping my friends in line. But in real life it’s definitely switched around. She’s the one who is always like, “Get this together, Miley. Make sure you read your script tonight. I’ll call you on Monday to do this.” She’s kind of like an older sister, so she watches out for me and I do the same for her and make sure she’s still having a good time. She’s also teaching me how to knit, so she’s more of a crafty person and I’m not that good. She got me hooked on scrapbooking. She made me the best blanket last year and I sleep with it every night.