Saturday, December 15, 2007

Miley was Jealous

Miley was Jealous

Even Miley Cyrus has gotten a vist from the Green-Eyed Monster. When J-14 sat down for with the Hannah Montana, Miley fessed up to feeeling envious in what she calls "the biggest misunderstanding I've ever had with a friend".

This is Our Special Time!

Social and outgoing, Miley is the type of girl who is friends with lots of people. Yet the 14-year-old tries hard to make time for each of them because they're so important to her. When her BFF Tory told Miley that she wanted to hang out, the singer/actress was pysched to spend quality one-on-one time together, but that wasn't the case. "Tory is really close with her sister, and I'm really close with my sister. Sometimes I get jealous of her getting to be with her sister all the time," Miley explains. "When her sister hang out with us, I'm like, "Well, this is our special time!"

What Goes Around Comes Around

That's what happened to Miley, and Tory didn't understand until Miley's sisters crashed the girls' bonding time. At that point Miley and Tory were able to discuss the sister stich and come up with a solution. "She'll be like, 'You get to hang out with your sister all the time, and this is our special time, so I don't want your sister around, 'Miley says. "Well we just have to talk about it and find times where it's just us, and it's not my sister or her sister.