Sunday, December 23, 2007

Emily Osment - I Don't Think about It

Emily Osment - I Don't Think about It

I personally love the song I Don't Think about It by Emily Osment. Do you? Some people think the song is terrible. Others think it's worse than terrible. I on the other hand adore the song. Emily Osment is a great singer and she is proud of that. Emily is a great actress too. And personally if I want to be honest with my readers (which I do) I think Emily Osment is better as an actress but still she is a great singer. I don't understand why some people are being so negitave about her. Some say they are her "true" fans but if you are Emily's true fan you should love her as both an actress AND a singer. I wouldn't say I am Emily's true fans because I like Miley more but still Emily is great. I am her fan though. Just not true.
Here are some comments that were posted on youtube about Emily, Miley and the song I Don't Think about It. These comments were not writen by me.

I think it is really stupid how people think they have to choose over Emily or Miley, they both rock and it should stay that way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, I think the video I Don't Think about It is awesome she did an awesome job on Hannah Montana acting like she couldnt sing !!!!!!!!!!!

Its stuuuuuuuuuupid that Emily is representing this video!!!

Emily is a very good actress to play a girl who stinks at singing on Hannah Montana!

I think Miley vs. Emily is so stupid! Why can't people love both. I like them both but do prefer Emily who has a wonderful voice.

Emily's a good singer but half of it is done by computer.

Thats not her real voice half of the song but Miley stinks Emily rocks! =)

Emily Osment offense..but Miley sounds like a man..hahahahaha

Write more and more songs Emily