Monday, December 31, 2007

Hannah Montana - Bye-Bye Ball

Hannah Montana - Bye-Bye Ball

Episode 47 of Hannah Montana
Title: Bye-Bye, Ball

About the Episode

When Jackson spots a wasp, he accidentally rips Miley's toy bear, "Beary", apart. She tries to get back at him by ruining his "Joey Vitalo"-signed baseball. She decided not to ruin after all, it but ends up accidentally ruining it anyway, so she tries to get it signed again. Then, Miley finds Joey, but he won't sign it! The only way to get it signed is to have Hannah Montana come and perform for Joey! This episode is based on the song Bye Bye Bye by N'Sync.Guest Starring: Joey Fatone, Juliette Goglia

Songs Featured: Rockstar
Note: This episode aired November 15 in the UK. This is the first episode when you see Jackson's room.