Friday, December 28, 2007

A Hannnah Song Paragraph

The following is what some people have been making on
Make Some Noise and start Pumpin' Up the Party, for I have The Best of Both Worlds. I Got Nerve. I want you to see... The Other Side Of Me! Who Said I can't be Just Like You Listen up, because Nobody's Perfect. So If We Were a Movie we would have a happy ending like this! And EVERYTHING would be perfect! For This is the Life!
Isn't that cool! I love the way the made all the songs different colors. The added most of Hannah's songs in the first album! And most of the sentences make sense! That's a wow! You can go check this out on stardoll. One of the users who has this on his My Page is phil_263. He's a boy.....of course. You can also go check out other stardolls.