Saturday, December 15, 2007

Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus on Ellen

As most of you know on October 11, 2007 Miley gueststarred on Ellen. She talked about the Jonas Brothers and her concert and also talked about how her tickets sold out in 5 minutes and how maybe scalpers bought out all the tickets. Miley said that she added more seats for more fans to be able to come to the show. She also said she doesn't think the show should cost that much money. She said the show is not was it's really worth. Ellen then asked Miley how long ago she met the Jonas Brothers. Miley answered "About a years and a half". Ellen then asked "Which Joans Brother did you meet first?" Miley answered "I first met Kevin, he's in the middle", then I met Nick, then I met Joe". Then Ellen asked "Who do you like the best"? Miley hesitated then said "Nick". Ellen then asked "why?" "Miley laughed and said "Cause he's cute". Ellen laughed and then went on. After a few more questions Ellen asked Billy Ray Cyrus "Did you know from when Miley was born that she was something special?" Billy Ray looked at Miley and then said "Well, before Miley was born I had this vison that her name should be Destiny Hope (thats her real name). It was her destiny to bring hope to the world. Miley looked up at the ceiling and rolled her eyes. Then Ellen went on about how Miley and Billy have such a great relationship. After a short commercial break they showed a picture of Miley playing a guiter in front of starbucks on the street. The picture was when Miley went crazy on her credit card and had to earn her own money. She ended up earning 7 dollars and got to buy a starbucks were she was playing. Everyone in the audinece laughed including Billy Ray and Ellen.